1. Amberen is different. It uses your body's hormones to rebalance estrogen levels and reverse age-related menopause symptoms.
  2. Easy and convenient. Just take two capsules daily for 90 days. Pause until symptoms return. Then begin another 90-day course.
  3. End of misery. Live free of hot flashes, mood swings, loss of libido and other unpleasant symptoms.

Your Risk-Free trial of Amberen Comes with:

  • FREE Weight Loss Guide For a healthy lifestyle
  • FREE AMBEREN Diet Menu Specifically for women over 40
  • FREE Nurse Consultations With Expert Nurses
30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30-Day Money Back Guarantee*

We are so confident in our product, that every purchase of Amberen comes with a money back guarantee.

Loved by Women

"I have been working with Amberen for almost a year. I have lost 40 lbs, I am no longer irritable. I feel like I have control now over my life. One of the most important aspects of this treatment is that there are no side effects."

Carol Nicholson, RN

Loved by Doctors

"Amberen has helped many of our patients going through Perimenopause and Menopause with ease. It is a natural product that fits right into our practice philosophy and it works. Women have said that it helped with their night sweats, hot flashes, loss of libido, weight gain and more."

Dr. Randa Cobey